Who’s behind this?

And where is it based?

my "professional" look

Cromwellian fort on Inishbofin Island, County Galway, Ireland

My name is Betsy Hedberg, and I live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I coined the term “GeoSensibility” to describe the way I view so many things – you might call it my lens. I know I’m not alone, and over the years I’ve met various people who seem to have the same sentiments. People from my graduate program in geography*. Commercial pilots. Poets who love to travel. Travelers who read (or write) poems.

Maybe you?

To learn more about what I’m talking about, take the GeoSensibility quiz.

Please know that none of this is scientific, sanctioned by geographers or psychologists, or intended to diagnose anyone. It’s just my take on a globally-minded, curious, big-picture, subjective, poetic way of seeing life and its myriad experiences.

I welcome ideas for this blog, ways to spread the word, and intelligent and respectful conversations.

I hope you’ll enjoy and find these pages thought-provoking!


*UCLA master’s degree, cultural geography specialty